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About Osteopathy

What is Osteopathy?

The philosophy of osteopathy is that the health of a person is influenced by the structure and function of the body.

If parts of the body are found to be restricted, this can affect the musculo-skeletal system as well as other systems like the cardiovascular, nervous and lymphatic systems, which can lead to symptoms such as back pain.

Osteopaths examine the anatomical structure and the movement of a patient to find out if it is the reason for their symptoms.

What Conditions can Osteopathy treat?

Osteopaths see each person as unique and help them achieve better health by improving the function of their body.

Osteopaths treat adults with back and neck pain and other musculo-skeletal disorders, like tennis elbow and frozen shoulder. Osteopaths also treat babies, children and adults with many other conditions.

Please telephone the practice if you would like to ask us if we think we could help you with your symptoms.